Dual-zone Wine Coolers are the Most Acceptable Way to Keep Your Wine Fresh

Dual-zone Wine Coolers are the Most Acceptable Way to Keep Your Wine Fresh

31/08/2022 Off By Baker Adam

Do you want to maintain the taste and cooling rate of your wine? It is best to invest in a dual wine fridge. The dual wine fridges are designed to work using either a compressor or a thermoelectric system. Some manufacturers may give you more options when it comes to regulating the temperature. This article looks at five of the best dual-zone wine fridges.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler Phiestina 15 Inch

Phiestina dual zone wine fridge uses a front valve to get rid of compressor heat. Its higher cooling zone ranges from 4 to 10°C, making it ideal for sparkling and white wine. Its downward cooling zone is between 10 and 19°C. It can retain up to 29 bottles of wine of the same size. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Koolatron Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This wine cooler uses a thermoelectric system for operation. It’s a small dual-zone fridge with cooling zones that retains only twelve different Bordeaux-style bottles. Its upper cooling zone has a cooling regulation range of 12 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius and a lower cooling zone of 6-18 degrees Celsius. It also has an indicator light inside that can be turned on or off each time the device is accessed.

Whynter Stainless Steel Wine Coolers with Dual Zones

This dual-zone wine cooler uses a compressor engine and retains 18 different Bordeaux-style wine bottles per time. The upper cooling zone ranges from 5–10 degrees Celsius, and a lower cooling zone of 10-22 degrees Celsius. This model comes with a limited replacement policy of 12 months.

Dual-Zone Wine Cooler by Vinotemp (Black)

This dual-zone wine cooler has a compartment for 28 750ml bottles. It does have six shelves inside that are movable and are made with fixed stainless-steel covers. It has a 12-month guarantee and is recommended for residential and business purposes.

Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler by Wine Enthusiast

This wine cooler has unique adjustable features as it can be used as either a single zone or dual zone wine cooler. This model has a flexible guaranteed policy covering the replacement parts for twelve months and insulated circuit parts for three years. Each compartment’s temperature can be regulated independently as a dual-zone cooler, but it can also be set to a fixed cooling rate and used as a one-door opening wine cooler.

Which Dual Zone Wine Fridges Are the Best?

Selecting the perfect model is dependent on a variety of attributes, most of which determine the nature of the wine you have. For example, red wines are usually kept at higher temperatures than white wines.

A few wine coolers make noises you don’t want to hear, so be ready for that. Most traditional dual-zone coolers are built-in, but the latest designs exist on their own and can be easier to move and suitable for startup businesses.

Final Thoughts

The best craft wine cooler has varying cooling rate settings to help you conserve your wine at the right temperature. Remember that a perfect wine cooler has to have everything you want at a price you can afford. Check out winecoolershop.co.uk to find the best wine cooler with dual zones. Want to see a video about how to pick a wine cooler? Click here!